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When You’re Healthy at Home

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Our objective is to help our patients meet their goals as quickly as possible. We achieve this by providing specialized nursing and rehabilitative care, teaching our patients how to self-manage their condition, and ensuring they follow up with their physician in a timely manner. You or your loved one wants to have the best care to fit their needs, even when at home.

To ensure that compassionate care doesn’t stop when your or a loved one leaves the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or the physician office, Elevate Home Health has developed a transitional care program that puts the patient at the center of their care plan.

After returning home, you can expect a fall risk assessment, and a home safety evaluation. Additionally, our clinicians will review your medications and discuss the potential side effects of any and all medications you are taking.

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We will provide you with education and material on your condition, help you arrange appointments with your primary care physician, keep you and your family involoved in your plan of care, and provide timely feedback to your physician on your progress. Our goal is to do everything we can to help you deal with your condition in your home.

At Elevate Home Health, we are focused on providing the comprehensive care you or your loved one needs to help them lead healthier lives in their homes.